Account of the maryland campaign

Jonesand Maj. Halleck ordered Reynolds to serve under Curtin and told Hooker to find a new division commander. John Gibbon [30] McClellan moved out of Washington starting on September 7 with his 87,man army in a lethargic pursuit. Reynoldsa native Pennsylvanian, to command them.

Only a "few score" of men joined Lee's columns in Maryland. Hill to guard the army's rear at South Mountain. Barton Mitchell of the 27th Indiana Infantry discovered a mislaid copy of the detailed campaign plans of Lee's army— Special Order —wrapped around three cigars. Upon realizing the intelligence value of this discovery, McClellan threw up his arms and exclaimed, "Now I know what to do!

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Although he started from Chantilly with 55, men, within 10 days this number had diminished to 45, Union generals and veterans of the war generally believed that the Army of Northern Virginia was not that small on September 17, and estimated Confederate strength as high as 50, men.

Walker 3,were to capture Maryland Heights and Loudoun Heights, commanding the town from the east and south.

They stressed that they had come as liberators, not conquerors, to these border statesbut they did not address the larger issue of the Confederate strategy shift as Davis had desired. One possibility is that he knew it commanded his supply lines through the Shenandoah Valley. Furthermore, many of the fiercely pro-Southern Marylanders had already traveled south at the beginning of the war to join the Confederate Army in Virginia.

This left only the thinly spread cavalry of Maj.

Maryland Campaign

The largest column, 11, men under Jackson, was to recross the Potomac and circle around to the west of Harpers Ferry and attack it from Bolivar Heights, while the other two columns, under Maj. Along with the marching into Maryland, the manpower of the army dropped even more due to straggling, lack of food, and a significant number of soldiers in Virginia regiments deserting on the grounds that they had signed up to defend their state and not invade the North.

Despite the ragged condition of the army, morale was high and almost all of the Confederate were veterans, which put them at an advantage over the numerous green Union regiments. Hill 's division to complete the occupation of the town.

James Longstreet drove north in the direction of HagerstownLee sent columns of troops to converge and attack Harpers Ferry from three directions. Lee's proclamation announced to the people of Maryland that his army had come "with the deepest sympathy [for] the wrongs that have been inflicted upon the citizens of the commonwealth allied to the States of the South by the strongest social, political, and commercial ties The public stocked up on food and other essentials, fearing a siege.

Other Confederate divisions such as D.

Maryland Campaign

Countless others became ill with diarrhea after eating unripe "green corn" from the Maryland fields or fell out because their shoeless feet were bloodied on hard-surfaced Northern roads.

Halleck ordered Reynolds to serve under Curtin and told Hooker to find a new division commander. Significant numbers of Confederate soldiers had no shoes and were unable to handle the macadamized roads of Maryland.

I think Lee has made a gross mistake, and that he will be severely punished for it.

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Lee was also reinforced by Brig. As noted above, malnutrition was greatest in the two divisions of Jackson's old Valley Army due to two months of unbroken fighting and marching.

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The South Carolinians under Brig. Any interest earned on a campaign bank account must be reported in your finance reports. Corps General Robert E.

Corps General Robert E. Despite the ragged condition of the army, morale was high and almost all of the Confederate were veterans, which put them at an advantage over the numerous green Union regiments.

Walker —but they merely made up for the 9, men lost at Bull Run and Chantilly.11/21/ Attorney General Frosh Joins Bipartisan Coalition Urging Supreme Court to Preserve States’ Ability to Sue Pharmaceutical Manufacturers that Mislead Consumers.

Complementing Confederate Tide Rising, which covers the origins of the Maryland campaign, Taken at the Flood is a detailed account of the military campaign focuses on military policy and strategy and the context necessary to understand that strategy. A fair appraisal of the campaign requires a full appraisal of the circumstances under which the two commanders, Robert E.

Lee and. To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September [David S. Hartwig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In early September thousands of Union soldiers huddled within the defenses of Washington, disorganized and discouraged from their recent defeat at Second Manassas. Confederate General Robert E. Lee then led his tough and confident Army of Northern. Campaign Finance Information: MDCRIS User Manual; Filing Instructions; CCFIDs; Campaign Finance Walk-Through; Tool for Bank Balance and Cash on Hand Differences.

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Account of the maryland campaign
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