Kounin low key responses

He also hypothesized that similarity would be higher among subordinates who had lower self-esteem. Punishment is when an undesired behavior is followed by an unpleasant consequence.

However, praise is something the supervisor always have the power to use, and studies have also found that praise can have a profound effect on safe behavior e. The low-producing foremen used punishment and criticism when the workers made mistakes.

Feedback is here limited to operant conditioning.

If the supervisor has the highest education in his department, he might be seen as competent enough and an appropriate model.

Throughout this paper, I have given a lot of suggestions for how the supervisor can promote safety in his work place.

With a large span of control, it is also difficult to give sufficient feedback to all the workers and promote safety by giving praise. It is about creating conditions that encourage positive actions. One is that the more people you involve, the more time-consuming the decision making will become.

If the supervisor is seen as an appropriate model, imitation will increase; "Employees who see an admired supervisor performing in a certain manner will respond the way they think the supervisor would respond" Denton,p. The supervisor does not necessarily have the power to punish or reward all the behaviors either.

What feedback is given to the subordinates? That is, if the supervisor is a good model. Once the desired safety behaviors are attained, they can be maintained by giving appropriate feedback to subordinates.

Adler did however not find any correlation between self-esteem and similarity of supervisor and subordinates. Weiss performed a study where he examined the degree of similar work values between subordinates and their supervisors, assuming that subordinates develop the same work values as their supervisors by imitation.

He will let production goals be prioritized before safety, which is seen as a hindrance to production efforts.

If the supervisor fails to communicate his commitment, this might give the subordinates an impression that he is not interested in safety at all. He sees most accidents as caused by unsafe acts and prefer to talk his employees into working more safely.

Different people are motivated by different incentments. As we have seen, the supervisor may gore against organizational constraints.The first-line supervisor's role in safety promotion.

Anne Cathrine Hinderaker Dale jimmyhogg.com, psykologisk institutt Norges teknisk naturvitenskapelige universitet.

Managing pupil behaviour

In a series of groundbreaking studies conducted in the late s at the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station, the émigré German psychologist Kurt Lewin and his graduate student Ronald Lippitt transformed the relationship between social-scientific experimentation and political design.

Disruptive pupil behaviour is a frustration for many teachers. In fact, 70% of teachers told us they had considered quitting the profession over poor behaviour. (Teacher Support Network and Family Lives Behaviour survey ) Poor behaviour is a barrier to learning and can easily threaten the health and wellbeing of teachers.

Kounin low key responses
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